Diamond plus

Diamond plus print
I got a refund from Blue Shield CA- YES that is not a typo- a refund surprise!
Surprise #2- this awesome diamond pattern! I like how there is a plus inside each diamond.


low tech security envelope

This envelope is all full of low-tech security!


This is a neat plaid print

Ikat ZigZag

This is a really cool Ikat ZigZag Print! It was an an envelope for something official- it says "Official business Penalty for Private Use $300" ohh scary!

California EDD

Unemployment (EDD) checks and forms come in these envelopes

Country Quilt

Country Quilt Pattern!


Cool overlapping circles pattern

Chase Bank Logo

Tiny Chase bank logos!


This is a cool classic woven pattern from a tax envelope!

loopy Waves

This was an envelope from my local mechanic!


Aflac!!!- yay Duck!


Country chic

This is a cool "country chic" pattern I found on a bill from my doctor


AAA Premiere writing

This one is a simple AAA Premier script over and over again. 2 envelope colors are shown.


Picnic Basket weave

I found this tiny scrap of an envelope on the sidewalk talking a walk at work. It was literally the size of the scan I just cropped it a tiny bit. Not sure what it came from.

Discover Quilt

This one came from a Discover credit card envelope.I thought it looked like a cool Victorian crazy quilt.


Patterned buttons!

This is from Sweetiepiepress.com! Thanks Becky for making these after I traded her some envelopes! See! I'm not alone in my pattern collecting!


Verizon blobs

This was from a fancy envelope letting me know about a new fabulous service package! Was security really needed for that???


language (?) pattern on triplicate form

This is the yellow page of a triplicate form from Graphaids art supplies. It's not an envelope but the security feature on the side was curious enough for me to post here. Is it ancient hyroglyphics? Another alien language? an Asian langauage perhaps? Looks a little like some Japanese characters I've seen...

Alien writing

This was an envelope I found talking a walk near where I work. It looks like a check envelope of some kind because of the size. It looks like that alien writing in Transformers.

Dancing squares

This is from my archeology club brochure 9x12 envelope. I though it was cool because it's just tiny squares.


census 2010

I couldn't resist this historical moment posting the envelope pattern! It's a pretty simple crosshatch. I expected little 2010's or something cooler...


Geometric Honeycomb

This is a cool detailed geometric/honeycomb one!

Folk Art Quilt

This is one of the most detailed envelopes I've been given! Thanks to Renee again! It's awesome in the folk art pattern it's got going on. Look at that close up!

Bursts of Confetti

This looks liek burts of confetti or brain cells, either way it's cool!

Green Nautical

Ahoy! This one reminded me of a Nautical beach towel! Classic New England!


From the bank to tell me I was getting a new card cause my old one had "been compromised" This was the memo from my cousin Renee when she donated this envelope to my nerdy cause!


This one has a nice furniture woodgrain to it!


This is from People's bank in MA also from my cousin Renee! Can you spot the bird motif? Am I just seeing things? What do you see? Post a resonse!


The envelope actually tells you all the genres they rent!

ADP Paycheck envelope

My Cousin Renee hooked me up with this one from MA. I remember gettign my paychecks from Old Navy in these back in the day!


Tetris design

This is from the Los Angeles County Court House courtesy of my co-worker's red light violation ticket! I thank her for her donation to my site!


Staples envelope

This is a Staples office supply store envelope I got from a super cool co-worker! YAY!!! text plus a "maze" like feel to it...ohhhh the excitement!


Citizens Bank from MA "waves"

I found this rad pattern from an old envelope. It's from my previous bank in MA called Citizens bank. I liked how different this pattern was with its wave pattern.